PAW Plans

What Is A Preventative Annual Wellness (PAW) Plan?

Healthy Pet Veterinary Clinic is proud to be able to offer Preventative Annual Wellness Plans as a way for you to be able to provide the best possible medical care and preventative products for your pet.  PAW Plans allow you to spread the costs for a year's worth of core health care and products out with a reasonable monthly payment that is automatically deducted from your payment account.  Additionally, you get a 10% discount of of ALL services that we offer that are not included in the plan.

Did Fido get into some food that he shouldn't of and need radiographs (xrays)?  Take 10% off!

Is Fluffy having problems urinating and we need to test urine or draw blood?  Take 10% off!

Medications, blood testing (both in-clinic and at the reference lab), dental cleaning, surgical services and much more are all 10% off while your pet is signed up on the plan!  (Does not include boarding services or prescription foods)

PAW Plans are also a great way to make sure that your pet is getting the highest quality medications for preventing heartworm disease, fleas and ticks.  If you like, we can have preventives shipped to you monthly right to your home from our online store!  No more forgetting to give those monthly medications, they show up and you give them that day.

Unfortunately, we do not have PAW Plans available for small mammals like rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets.  

Among other products and services, our PAW Plans Include:

  • Two Examinations By Our Experienced Veterinarians Each Year
  • All Annual Core Vaccines
  • A Heartworm and Tick Disease Test (canine)
  • Feline Leukemia and Heartworm Test (feline)
  • Intestinal Parasite Testing
  • A Years Supply of Heartworm Preventative
  • A Years Supply of Flea & Tick Preventative
  • 10% Off Every Other Product and Service We Offer (excludes food & boarding)

Click the links for details on each plan:

PAW Plan - Puppy First Year

PAW Plan - Kitten First Year

PAW Plan - Indoor Cat

PAW Plan - Indoor/Outdoor Cat

PAW Plan - Small Dog (Under 25lbs)

PAW Plan - Medium Dog (25.1lbs to 50lbs)

PAW Plan - Large Dog (50.1 to 100lbs)

PAW Plan - Extra Large Dog (100 to 121lbs)

PAW Plan - Giant Breed Dog (122 to 181lbs)

PAW Plan - Senior Cat

PAW Plan - Senior Dog


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "This clinic is very clean, friendly, and gentle. My Guinea Pig Bear had a tumor and they have worked hard to care for him and follow up to be sure he is healing well from surgery removal as well as be available to answer any questions I have.I was even able to set up an affordable payment plan for his medical bills. All in all a very trustworthy Vet Clinic."
    Kaija Swift
  • "Very nice and clean clinic with helpful staff. We used them to board our rabbit while we were on vacation. They have a dedicated rabbit room with multiple large cages. Rabbits get daily individual 'out-of-cage' exercise time."
    Tim Goihl
  • "Fantastic clinic..everyone there ..they take the best care of princess my cat lol.highly recommend."
    mr potato head