What's Included In A Dental Cleaning?

Prior To Your Pet’s Dental Cleaning Procedure:

An evaluation will be done by our experienced doctor to evaluate your pet’s health on the day of the procedure.

An additional evaluation will be done by one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians to gather vital signs and take extra time to make your pet feel relaxed and at ease.

We will Document your pet's weight, heart rate, respiratory rate and quality as well as your pet's temperature.

One of our veterinary technicians will place an I.V. catheter, usually in a front leg so we can administer fluids during the surgery and have a direct route to give any medications.

The veterinarian will administer medicine to relax and sedate your pet just before the procedure begins.

A Certified Veterinary Technician will draw blood from your pet and we will test for a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and a chemistry panel checking 6 parameters of the blood right in the clinic.  The CBC and, "Mini-Chem" testing is included in the cost of the dental cleaning.  Pre-anesthetic blood testing can alert our staff to the presence of dehydration, diabetes, kidney or liver disease or other chemical imbalances which could complicate a surgical procedure. The CBC will show if the blood has adequate oxygen carrying capacity, and to diagnose potential infection or anemia in your pet. These tests are also helpful for developing a baseline that may allow for faster, more accurate diagnoses in the event that your pet's health changes in the future. 

Pain medications will be given to your pet before the procedure that will help to control pain for up to 24 hours.  If teeth are extracted, pain medications will be sent home and are also included in the cost of the procedure.

During Your Pet's Professional Dental Cleaning:

Two licensed veterinary technicians will continuously monitor your pet under the direct supervision of the doctor.

I.V. fluids will run continuously to ensure your pet’s blood pressure stays stable.

Our veterinary technicians and doctor will continuously monitor and provide appropriate amounts anesthesia to keep your pet sedated and completely pain free.

Your pet will receive continuous oxygen therapy to ensure adequate oxygenation to the brain and major organs.

We use the latest in surgical monitoring technology to continuously watch several different parameters all on one screen.  

During your pet's procedure, we constantly monitor all of the following parameters:

Electrocardiogram (ECG) to watch for any changes in your pet’s heart function

Oxygen saturation levels in your pet’s blood (spO2)

End tidal CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels in your pet’s blood

Blood pressure readings are taken on your pet every four minutes

Your pet's temperature is continuously monitored to prevent hyperthermia (getting too warm) or hypothermia (getting too cold)

Specialized heat therapy equipment is used to keep your pet warm

Your pet’s mouth is fully examined and each tooth is probed to check for decay or for other possible disease or damage

Ultrasonic scaling of your pet’s teeth is done to remove attached debris and tarter

We document the condition of your pet's teeth and gums in the medical record

If your pet has teeth extracted, they will receive a treatment with our state-of-the-art therapy laser to encourage blood flow to the area of the extracted tooth.  Increased blood flow brings in oxygen and nutrients to the area of the extracted tooth and carries away waste materials faster than the body normally would.  The laser treatment also helps to reduce swelling and pain.

After The Dental Cleaning Procedure:

A veterinary technician stays with your pet every second until they awaken from anesthesia to comfort them and watch for any potential complications.  After your pet is awake, your pet is monitored closely to ensure their comfort and safety and is within site of our staff at all times.  Throughout their recovery, a veterinary technician is responsible for checking on your pet regularly and documenting their condition in the medical record.

When Your Pet Is Discharged:

A veterinary technician will meet with you personally in the privacy of an exam room to explain to you what to watch for after you take your pet home and you will be given instruction on how to give medications if needed.  You will also be provided with photos of your pet’s teeth before and after the dental procedure.

A dog's upper teeth before a dental cleaning with significant buildup of tartar.  In some breeds, this amount of debris can accumulate in as little as 6-12 months.

Here are the same teeth after a full evaluation by the doctor, ultrasonic scaling by a veterinary technician and a full dental cleaning

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into cleaning your pet's teeth.  Dental cleanings are a necessary part of keeping your pet healthy and your pet's dental health should be evaluated by a veterinarian at least once a year.  

Please call us at 608-294-9494 if you have any questions or to schedule a dental cleaning.


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